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Estate Planning Attorneys in San Diego, CA

Estate Planning Attorneys in San Diego, CA

Staying in control of your wealth distribution doesn't have to be complicated or stressful. At Hamilton & Associates, APC, we are estate planning attorneys in San Diego, CA, who focus on providing for your future.

Our estate planning professionals walk you through the countless benefits of wills and trusts, helping you make smart, confident decisions that will protect your estate, property, and family.

Operated by seasoned probate lawyer Ben-Thomas Hamilton, our team has the skills and knowledge necessary to handle even the most complex estate planning matters.

With our team on your side, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones are protected.

Protect Your Estate, Property, and Family in San Diego, CA

Why Choose Us

Our highly knowledgeable attorneys are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding wills, trusts, mediation, and probate law. We understand that everyone's situation is different, and we make sure to pattern our advice to your specific needs. As your dedicated attorney, we pay attention to each detail of your case, carefully listening to your goals before working with you to organize your estate, property, and finances.

Guidance You Can Trust

We provide all of our clients with careful guidance and the utmost attention at every turn. When you work with us, we take the time to explain the difference between wills and trusts, so you can make an informed decision that gives you control over your wealth for years to come.

Our attorney has in-depth knowledge to take you from conceptualization to finalization, whether you're interested in setting up a will, trust, or both. Additionally, we're always quick to respond to any questions, as your success is our top priority.

Working on Your Behalf

When you choose Hamilton & Associates, APC, as your legal team, you can rest assured that we will always closely monitor your file and let you know when it is time to update your estate plan. Families grow, career paths change, and the estate plan you were happy with yesterday may now be insufficient for your future security and success. We will make sure nothing is overlooked and help you keep up-to-date. 

You can also avoid probate and estate taxes through the proper use of trusts, the bestowing of gifts, or even joint property ownership. Our legal team will make sure your estate plan is airtight and right for you.

Contact us for more information about Hamilton & Associates, APC, and our planning process. We proudly serve San Diego County.